Natural Healing

What is Natural Healing?

Natural Healing is a unique and extraordinary therapy/ technique collaborated and developed by Dr. Randall J. Frank, NMD. It produces extremely fast results, with most patients feeling a significant improvement in their symptoms within the 1st – and 2nd office visits. It is aimed at optimizing your patients’ health within a small given time. The founder, Dr. Frank, teaches doctors that the body works as a whole unit, not as an individual part or organ. Thus the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems are seen as the sum total of a patient’s health.

The aim of Natural Healing is to detect and correct the true cause(s) of symptoms, not repeatedly chase recurring symptoms. It is an extension and complement to other alternative health therapies. Imbalances in the body are detected and corrected by muscle testing with the use of energetically charged vials and/ or stimulation of body points (similar to acupuncture points). The vials are potentized radionically (energetically charged) and contain bio-computer programs. Thus they are not individual allergens/ chemical sensitivities, they contain a sequential protocol, which re-establishes the bio-computer, and hence regulates the body to run at optimal health. As some have a vast sequence it is not uncommon to have one vial fix a multitude of symptoms in just one visit.