Fatigue / Weight Loss

Adult Female, complaint: fatigued, low immune system, recurrent infections, headaches, obese (overwieght), neck and shoulder tightness and pain

So…I am doing the simple Sahara Clinic detox and I have lost 31 pounds since May as an extra bonus. I feel good, better than I have in years. It is easy to do, and 2 to 3 lbs per week average melts away. When I came to see Doctor Sahara, I was tired, stressed, overweight, really at the edge of my limit. My primary care doctors for the past 4 years had not been abe to fix me. I also had a knee injury that would not heal and my arms, neck, and shoulder ached from old carpel tunnel injuries. I was not a happy me. Dr. D diagnosed me as having a stressed adrenal gland, and a body pumped full of toxins. He fixed my diet, realigned my physical structure, and most importantly helped me get the toxins out of my body, The very first week after I saw him, I had twice the energy as before. As the weeks went by I felt cleaner, healthier, and happier. More important was the diet. I did not realize that my body was starving. I started the detox diet eating as much as I wanted. I was really hungry and ate enough for a high school football player. But I ate good food. My body learned to expect nourishment and now I eat like a sane person. I still eat as much as I want, but I do not want as much, because I cut out everything that Dr. D said I was allergic to and so am better nourished. Plus my metabolism kicked in. I did not realize that I still had one of those. I sleep well now, my head is clear, and my knee is almost fully recovered. I think that by the time I go on vacation in October that I will be down at least 60 lbs. Maybe more if I do some exercise instead of spending all day typing at my desk. Thanks for the early Christmas present Doctor D. I feel restored.